It's a Meal Menu




Sadie’s creation par excellence! Grilled Hamburger Steak generously covered with Sadie’s own Chile con Queso, Frijoles and Papitas smothered in Red or Green Chile puts this dinner in a class all it’s own.    
- You can also make yours a large Grilled Hamburger Steak

Betty's Ranjo SpecialUnique from all the rest. Large grilled burger on a lightly toasted hamburger bun with your choice of Red or Green Chile ladled right on top. Served with Frijoles and Papitas.
- Add a thick sliced French Bread.

Variation on a theme. This is a small mountain of Billy’s Spicy Ground Beef* served on an open-faced toasted bun swimming in a pool of your choice of Red or Green Chile. Served with Frijoles.
- You can elevate this one to a new level, just ask for thick sliced French Bread.

Brian’s Spicy Carne Adovada RibsFor the real fire eaters! Pork Ribs marinated in Red Chile and baked until tender and juicy. Served with Frijoles and Papitas.
- Add A La Carte Rib Platter


This tasty treat comes with both Frijoles and Papitas and your choice of Red or Green Chile. A non-traditional approach to a Southwestern classic, upholding a steadfast Sadie’s tradition.
- Our Huevos Rancheros are served as a two egg Spanish omelette with onion, tomato and cheese.
- Two eggs cooked to your style and served on a flour or corn tortilla.
- Add an Extra Egg
- Add a Side of Bacon or Ham
- Add a Side of Carne Adovada